10 Times Designers Should Just Say “No”

Design resource website Pixelo shares 10 frequent situations where designers should learn to say no to the clients. Sometimes it can be deleterious to say yes to unreasonable request – like working for free in exchange for exposure.  Check them out below.


01. “Can you do something similar to that designer’s work?”

NO! Hire that designer if you like his style.


02. “I made this in Word, can you start from here?”

NO! Finish it yourself, designing in Word means you have some talent.


03. “Can you work for free?”

NO! I have bills to pay.


04. “I suddenly have another idea, can we change the whole design?”

NO! Unless you want to pay double.


05. “We don’t have any content yet, can you just design a daft?”

NO! Do you think I’m kind of soothsayer or something?


06.  “It’s urgent, can you do it really quick?”

NO! My brain doesn’t have a time-lapse feature.


07. “My wife like Pink, can you change the color?”

NO! Pink has nothing to do with “Go Green” campaign.


08. “We are in a tight budget, but you’ll gt a lot of exposure!”

NO! I have enough exposure on my camera.


09. “Can you lower your rate?”

NO! I have bills to pay, remember?


10. “Can you just take the logo from our website?”

NO! It less than 200px and we’ew going to make a billboard ad.

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