5 Reasons Not to Date a Graphic Designer

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is all around! Maybe you’re thinking about asking out a designer you’ve had your eye on for a while now? Because everybody loves designers, right? But, before it’s too late, it might be worthwhile to read this article.

Here is a list of why you should not be dating a graphic designer.


1. They Are Strange

Graphic designers tend to be complicated both in thinking and acting. They prefer to analyze the texture and pattern on the cafe table better than having to hear you talk. They remember more about the release date of the latest Adobe Photoshop instead of your birthday.

2. They Have Different Definitions About “Dating”

For them, dating means two things: “Brainstorming” and “Client Meeting”. It sounds predictable and both are very boring! And worse they will analyze your chats by layer.

3. They Don’t Have Much Time

I mean they do not have much time for anything other than graphic design. They will leave their desktop just because of two things: sleepy or hungry. Even, if they successfully taken out, they will most likely bring a notebook and pencil to doodle. And in the end you will feel as though you are doing everything by yourself.

4. Big Spender!

Of course, it’s not just any shopping, but all the super geek stuff. Like maybe a graphic tablet, which one-day would you use to chop onions? They prefer to spend the money to buy a font rather than buy you a birthday present. Oh God, what a geek!

5. They Love to Criticize

Graphic designers often criticized about everything, and. um. You will most likely be forced to agree and come to criticize. Everything that contains visual elements will be criticized, from a menu design in a cafe, billboard designs, logos found on the street, up to the color combinations the clothes you wear. You’ll also get some lectures about “color psychology”.

So you still want to date a Graphic Designer?