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Why Graphic Designers Hate Christmas

It doesn’t matter if you work in a company or if you are a freelance creative, December always means one thing for graphic designers: Christmas Graphics.

I think all the designers starting to freak out when they hear these words because all the clients want the perfect image, and we all know what that means. Snowflakes, Christmas Trees, Reindeers, Wrapping Paper and Ribbons everywhere. It’s not Halloween anymore but It still scares.  I think that us creatives we would prefer to be hibernated from the end of November to the beginnig of new year. And you? Do you like Christmas Graphics?

Sorry, I have to go…
I must put, with Photoshop, a Snowman on a tropical beach (please, kill me!)


Creepy Fonts for Your Spooky Design Needs

Halloween is a busy time also for professional designers.

It’s that time of the year you start looking for Halloween-themed fonts, templates, and icons for designing spooky flyers and social media designs.

Well, this year you won’t have to spend hours searching for creative fonts for your Halloween designs.

We already did the work for you!

We feature the 3 best spooky Halloween fonts that will make your work stand out from the crowd.




Covenant is a modern horror-themed font that features a spooky design. The narrow design of the font just makes it look even scarier. This font is perfect for crafting movie posters, book titles, and other horror designs.




Croak is a spooky Halloween font with a withered design. The font features 2 different designs including a rough version of the font. It also features multilingual characters, numbers, and punctuations.


Pumpkin’s Brush


Pumpkin’s Brush is a Halloween-themed font that comes with a classic design. It features a unique hand-painted design that’ll give a more creative look to your print and digital design works. The font comes in 3 different versions: Normal, slant, and a special character typeface.


If you feel that your Halloween designs can use that authentic creepy and mysterious feel, any of these fonts listed above can deliver exactly that.