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Giovanna Di Verniere works in Advertising and Communications since 2007. She lived in Rome, Valencia, Milan and Manchester. She works as Freelance Art Director creating Online and Offline graphic projects for Italian and English companies.

Skills: Graphic Design, Web & Mobile App Design, Editorial Design, Branding and SocialMedia
Clients: Alfa Romeo, Lavazza, Comune di Roma, Universitat de València, Secretos del Agua, IEO – Istituto Europeo di Oncologia


  • Giovanna is an attentive, decisive and reliable designer– very important talents when you work on different projects and you must keep to schedule. A person’s persona with whom you work really well from a professional and human point of view. Highly recommended.

    Stefano Andreoli
  • One of Giovanna’s main qualities, which I think make her very precious for every business, is her attitude to work, her positive thinking and her sense of responsibility. She is comfortable with any project, both online and offline.

  • I had the pleasure to have Giovanna as a student in one of my classes and, at once, I greatly appreciated her creative qualities, to the point to assign her several projects. Turn to her for a professional need is a guarantee, thanks to her skills and her high level of reliability. She has the right solution always ready, just simply hint at the problem and… it’s done! She’s a serious and tireless specialist.

    Nicola Lanziani
  • If you ever have have the fortune to know Giovanna, the first thing that you will notice will be certainly its strong aesthetical sense. You will immediately understand that behind her passion for the ‘beauty’ there isn’t anything frivolous. Giovanna is a prepared and professional Art Director, an untiring source of visual ideas that declines in different languages. Giovanna possesses an innate sensibility for the evolution of the contemporary taste, an instinct that makes always her proposals updated to what the market requires.

    Michele Consiglio
  • Giovanna is an exceptional Art Director. Creative, precise and careful: a true professional.

    Emanuela Deligios
  • Giovanna is a precious person, not only because she’s somebody of depth, but especially thanks to her ability to learn fast.
    She’s an attentive professional, serious, reliable and very responsible. Tireless, team worker and decisive: essential ingredients for who needs high quality projects.

    Eleonora Taroni
  • I consider Giovanna a very adaptable and creative thinker.
    I would highly recommend her both professionally and personally.

    Luigi D'Orsi